How to Choose the Right Juicer Mixer Grinder for Your Needs?

It is very common as almost every household has a juicer mixer grinder. It is a multi-purpose appliance that helps in grinding batter, chutney, lentils, spices, dips, and even more it also helps in making some healthy juices and refreshing smoothies and shakes. Cooking needs patience in food preparation as it requires pureeing, chopping, blending, grinding, and much more. But by using a juicer mixer grinder, you can do all these tasks within minutes, saving a lot of time and energy.

But choosing the right juicer mixer for your home can be a hard challenge with so many mixer grinders available in the market. Thus, to get the best out of your juicer mixer grinder, you must keep in mind a few factors before buying one for your kitchen. This blog will help you explore these factors and choose the right juicer mixer grinder for your needs.

Choosing the right juicer mixer grinder according to your needs

There are various factors that affect choosing the right grinder, and every home has its own set of factors, but here are a few of the most common factors that everyone should keep in mind before opting for any juicer mixer:


In a modern kitchen, it is necessary to add stylish as well as functional appliances to your kitchen interior. To bring that style and beauty to your kitchen, a juicer mixer grinder is expected to look stylish beyond its primary purpose. You have many options in the market in terms of design and colour. However, you should choose one that is stylish and compact and suits best according to your interior. Sujata Juicer offers a range of mixer grinders that have a space-saving design for better utilization. And you can even choose between black and white that matches well with your kitchen interior.


Though it is any kitchen appliance, the performance is backed by a powerful motor. So, if you are thinking of buying a juicer mixer grinder, you must check for its wattage and motor used. There are various options available from 350 to 750 Watt, but any juicer mixer grinder that comes with 900 or 900+ watts are good enough for household tasks.


Having the right number of jars with your juicer mixer grinder is also important, as multiple jobs have to be done in the kitchen at the same time. Generally, you will notice that every mixer grinder has around three jars of different capacities to ease work. The plastic jar is made of polycarbonate material which is unbreakable and the stainless steel jar are made of food grade material. Our few models even comes with four jars, and when you are opting for a juicer mixer grinder, you get a set of additional attachments for juicing. So, you need to figure out according to your need which one suits you best with the number of jars with it.

Speeds Options

When buying any juicer mixer grinder, another important consideration to keep in mind is the grinder speed option. A low speed is important for extracting healthy and tasty juice, whereas at the same time, grinding batter and other spices requires a high speed, so you need to look for an option with various speed options. Generally, every mixer grinder comes with three-four speed options, look for one which suits you best according to your needs.


Quality plays a major role when choosing any mixer grinders, as these are the most commonly used kitchen appliances. If you opt for a better quality juicer mixer grinder like Sujata Multimix or Powermatic Plus, you can spend several years using the same without having any issues. So, in order to make a cost-effective purchase, you need to check the quality of the jars, which must include a strong body, sharp stainless steel blades, powerful motor, break resistance lids, and easy to use switch controls.


Generally, in market, brands offer a different jar for juicing application, however Sujata centrifugal juicer offers a complete set of attachments including a waste container and a filter cutter spinner, to give the maximum yield from the fruit or vegetable like apple, carrot, beetroot, amla ( gooseberry ), pomegranate, pineapple, Bitter gourd, kale, spinach, bottle gourd etc.

To Conclude:

Considering the fact that there are so many juicer mixer grinders of different brands available in the market, it definitely becomes difficult to choose. However, as long as the preferred model meets all the requirements mentioned above, you are in a good place. Apart from all this, you can also consider factors like the warranty period and after-sales service of the brand while making the purchase. Sujata, a premium brand of kitchen appliances, offers juicer mixer grinders, mixer grinders, juicers and blenders that are suitable to meet various needs in your kitchen. With the best quality and design, technical and safety features, Sujata home appliances are truly trustworthy as they provide long-lasting performance.

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