Sujata Mixer
sujata mixer

Garlic soup

Serves: 4

  • Garlic - ½ Cup
  • Onion- ½ Cup
  • Vegetable/chicken Stock- 2 Cups (steaming)
  • Corn flour- 1 tbsp(optional)
  • Pepper- ½ Tbsp
  • Cumin- 1 tsp
  • Salt As Per Taste
  • Oil- 1 Tbsp(or Butter)
  • Heat oil well in a kadai, add chopped onion and garlic. Fry well till transparent.
  • Now place the fried ingredients in big jar add little stock and blend well to make a smooth paste.
  • Dilute corn flour in 2 tbsp of stock water add to the ground paste, add cumin, pepper, salt and blend at speed 1 for 1-2 minutes in a big jar along with all the stock.
  • Now pour hot soup to bowl, add grated cheese(optional). Serve hot.

Medicinal value: This soup is very effective in curing cold and cough because of its spices used. It’s a wonderful snack food especially during winter season. These types of foods when consumed your nose will start to run and the mucus will begin to clear.

Tomato soup

Serves: 2

  • Tomato- 3 (big, firm and ripe)
  • Carrot- 2 (medium sized)
  • Garlic- 4 flakes
  • Salt- to taste
  • Pepper- to taste
  • Butter- 3 tbsp
  • Water- for cooking vegetables
  • Clean tomatoes and carrot well.
  • Cut carrot into 3 big pieces (after trimming the top and bottom). Peel and wash garlic flakes.
  • Place carrot, tomatoes, butter, water and garlic in a pressure-cooker and cook till vegetables are well cooked. Apart from vegetables the cooked water is the stock.
  • Place the cooked vegetables in the big jar and blend for 1 minute using speed 1. Now add the hot stock and blend well in speed 1.
  • Serve hot immediately with salt and pepper. (Optional: breadcrumbs can be fried in ghee and added to the soup immediately before serving).

Medicinal value: This is a concentrate of carotenoids and lycopene. Excellent medicine for a glowing skin and remedy for defective vision, if consumed regularly.

Stock: Liquid basis for soup made by stewing vegetables.