Sujata Mixer
sujata mixer

Our Journey

Sujata was born in the year 1980 out of the continuous pursuit of perfection.

In a time when India was not known to produce many quality engineering products, it took a visionary to break that perception. Shri Brijmohan Mittal, our esteemed founder took it as a challenge to innovate, design and manufacture a world-class product completely in India. Today the use of Sujata products in more than 18 countries stands testimony to the fact that we can ‘Make in India’ and make it really well.

Our Mission

To provide extremely high quality appliances to the consumer at a reasonable price offering him/her excellent value for money and great pride of ownership.

To provide the best product and usage experience to the buyers without any compromise on design, quality, productivity or safety.

To bring to the consumers the latest and best in technology and frugal engineering

To set a great example of ‘Make in India’ in the kitchen appliances category, and to inspire other categories to follow suit.

Our Vision

To be the most respected manufacturer and brand of kitchen & home appliances offering the widest and most innovative & reliable range of products.

In Our Team

Shri. Brij Mohan Mittal


“I started Sujata in 1979 with a vision to provide well-engineered, high quality products to the Indian market at an affordable price. At a time when Indian manufacturing was not associated with many superior quality products, I wanted to set a benchmark, create a world-class product. Today, I am happy and contented to see Sujata being counted amongst the few successful ‘Make in India’ stories”

Akhil Agarwal

Founder and CEO

“Sujata was started and continues to be driven by a singular vision; to create without compromise. We always strive to provide the best to our customers through quality products made possible by cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art engineering and superior raw materials. Our products’ performance over the last 3 decades stands testimony to our commitment to quality’’

Atul Mittal

Founding Member

“At Sujata we have always adhered to the best manufacturing practices. All our machines are special purpose machines designed to precision and imported from leading engineering manufacturers across the world. Our factories conform to the stipulated industry norms and employ some of the most skilled technicians and engineers in the business.”

Amul Agarwal


“At Sujata, the onus is always on innovation. Over the years we have pushed ourselves to first compete with our own selves before competing with other products in the market. Key product innovations like using 2 ball bearings (for both the ends of the armature) in a powerful 900 Watt motor or the uniquely designed honeycomb filter mesh for extracting finer juice with a better yield or providing an extra coupler/teeth-set in every pack have been industry firsts introduced by Sujata. Today, many of Sujata’s pioneering initiatives have been adopted across brands and have become a category norm.”

Anil Mittal


“ Sujata exercises the strictest quality checks before the dispatch of any product. Multiple testing of various components and torture tests are standard norms before any consignment is okayed for delivery. This approach of zero tolerance towards defects has helped us deliver machines that have stood the test of time and heavy use. The reason behind Sujata’s reputation of making robust and indestructible products”

Utsav Agarwal


“At Sujata we believe that the heart of any machine is the motor. Every component of the motor is made in house using the best quality materials. Providing a 900 Watt motor with 2 ball bearings at both the ends was a pioneering effort of brand Sujata and till date every Sujata machine is considered to have a motor which is much superior to a product of any other brand in the market”

Saurabh Mittal


“ Another important aspect in developing a quality product is the quality of plastics used to make the body and jars. At Sujata we have a captive moulding unit, which uses only Virgin Plastic (including UV Stabilized grades) to make the components. This is the reason why the body of a Sujata machine is extremely sturdy and the jars virtually unbreakable.